Lifesaving Stories

An angel in pyjamas

Paramedic Educator Jess Handley was fast asleep at home when the GoodSAM phone alert went off on her bedside table. Wasting no time, she jumped in her car and followed the app’s directions to a nearby cardiac arrest, 3.1km away – pyjamas and all. Emergency physician Dr Andrew Crellin, 48, had gone to the bathroom… Read More »

Cardiac Arrest Survivor – Cassandra Scott

One of many wonderful survival stories! Take a look at this wonderful video put together by Take Heart Australia! Cassandra survived her Sudden Cardiac Arrest at the beach in 2012 thanks to the fantastic efforts of those around her…. “It is a great story about how really good solid effective chest compressions can save a… Read More »

Lifesaving Miracle in Mirrabooka-Perth

A mother of four has told of her lifesaving miracle in Mirrabooka. Anna Hunt was clinically dead, before supermarket workers helped save her and it was all caught on camera. Does your shopping centre or workplace have an AED? The Defibshop supplies AEDs to to shopping centres and workplaces every week, but there are still many… Read More »

Donated defibrillator saves life at Crescent Head

A great success story of a young 65 year old man who suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest at the Crescent Head Malibu Classic last Friday (30/06/14). The defibrillator, retrieved from the nearby Crescent Head Holiday Park office, was used to successfully defibrillate (shock) the man, who is now recovering in hospital and should be discharged soon. The… Read More »

Cathedral School Bathurst Saves Grandfather!

To apply for a grant at your school in regional NSW or QLD, click here to view the Here for Hearts program…. Friday 28 February 2013 will be etched in the minds of many who were at Cathedral School in Bathurst to pick up their children at the end of the school day. Unlike any other school… Read More »