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How to change pads and batteries for ZOLL AED Plus®

  To remove the battery cover, insert the Defibshop® keyring or a small tool (e.g., flat-head screwdriver or coin) into the two slots on the rear of the unit to depress the latches, then insert the tool into the groove at the bottom to lift the cover. Remove all batteries at once and dispose of… Read More »

ZOLL AED 3™ The AED that leads the way

SMART. READY. TRUSTED. The AED that leads the way The ZOLL AED 3™ defibrillator guides rescuers through the process of performing high-quality CPR and can deliver a potentially lifesaving shock to the heart when needed. With a ZOLL AED 3 and quick action, tragedy could be averted. ZOLL’s proprietary Real CPR Help® technology helps guide… Read More »

Performing CPR with Real CPR Help

After a shock has been delivered or when no shock is advised, you will be prompted to start CPR. Learn how to deliver high-quality CPR with ZOLL’s Real CPR Help® technology

How to use ZOLL AED Plus

Learn how to use the ZOLL AED Plus automated external defibrillator in a rescue scenario! Your package is all set to go should a Sudden Cardiac Arrest occur, if patient is collapsed, UNCONSCIOUS AND NOT BREATHING! Call 000, commence CPR, turn the AED on and follow the prompts!

What’s in the Box – ZOLL AED Plus

Learn how to set up, install and inspect your ZOLL AED Plus automated external defibrillator

Deliver the shock – Fully Auto VS Semi Auto

Learn how to deliver a shock with the ZOLL AED Plus and the differences between the Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic AED Plus units