Students Raise Awareness of Community Defib Project

Western Sydney University Students are doing a great job helping the Community Defib Project to raise awareness of the importance of AEDs in the community. The students, who are all studying paramedicine, took the opportunity to put a short video together to assist the project. “The students have done a great video explaining in simple… Read More »

HeartSine samaritan PAD 360P – How To Use

This informative video takes you step-by-step through a rescue scenario and shows how the samaritan PAD 360P can help save a life

How to change the ZOLL AED Plus electrodes and batteries

This video shows how to change the ZOLL AED Plus electrodes and batteries. Both the CPR-D-padz and the batteries used in the ZOLL AED Plus have a five year shelf life CAUTION: Use Duracell, Varta or Sanyo batteries only. Do not use Panasonic or Rayovac batteries!

ZOLL Real CPR Help Technology

Real CPR Help ZOLL was the first to introduce technology to help improve CPR performance in 2002. ZOLL calls this technology Real CPR Help®. This gives rescuer the best real-time feedback to optimize the patient’s opportunity for a return to spontaneous circulation. With ZOLL products, all rescuers will get the following feedback and prompting for… Read More »

Defibrillator Brands

Your Defibshop stocks a range of defibrillators. The range we stock are reputable brand names. Manufactured and built to the best world wide standards, a defibrillator you buy from your Defibshop is a quality product. There are many defibrillators on the market. The range stocked by your Defibshop are tried, tested and proven in the… Read More »

Defibrillator Trainers

All brands of defibrillator units have a training model available to enable you to practice a cardiac arrest drill. If you have purchased a defibrillator from your Defibshop, we will have a training model also available. See your Defibshop online store for your trainer. additionally, all training consumables are available for you to purchase online.


Defibrillators are powered by batteries installed in the unit. There are different types of batteries used by different manufacturers. Your defibrillator should allow easy access to the battery compartment for you to replace old batteries. Different defibrillator batteries have different periods of life will depend on the amount of use as to when you may… Read More »

Defib HealthCheck™

Our unique Defib HealthCheck™ is exclusive to your Defibshop. The Defib HealthCheck™ is added to any defibrillator purchase and is a regular check-list sent to you to complete, assisting to make sure your defibrillator is always ready for use. The Defib HealthCheck™ is a review of the condition and operation of your defibrillator. It prompts you to… Read More »

Defibrillators – Comparisons

  Brand FEATURES ZOLL AED PLUS HEARTSINE SAMARITAN PAD 300 P HEARTSTART Size(HxWxD) 13cmx24cmx29cm 5cmx20cmx18cm 7cmx21cmx19cm Weight 3.1 kg 1.1 kg 1.5 kg Battery capacity (Standby) Up to 5 years (typical) Up to 3.5 years (typical) Up to 4 years (typical) Battery capacity(Shocks-use) 300Shocks(13hours) 30shocks(6hours) 90shocks(3hours) Battery type Type 123A Photo Flash 18 V LiMnO2… Read More »

Defibrillator names

Many of you ask your Defibshop about defibrillators with many descriptions! Simply, Defibrillators are know by several different names. Essentially, a defibrillator is a device used to deliver a shock to a patient suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Defibrillators may be known by the following names: AED / AED’s: Automated External Defibrillator(s) PAD / PAD’s:… Read More »