Western Sydney University Students are doing a great job helping the Community Defib Project to raise awareness of the importance of AEDs in the community. The students, who are all studying paramedicine, took the opportunity to put a short video together to assist the project. “The students have done a great video explaining in simple terms why and when you would use an AED, and how easy it is to use an AED” Sophie Wills, Chair of the Community Defib Project, told the Defibshop Team recently.

Take a look at their message below!

“The project really is gaining community support and engagement at all levels” Sophie went on to say.

Like to make a donation to the Community Defib Project? Or perhaps you’d like to discuss beginning a Community Defib Project sub-committee in your area to help save local lives? Contact the project at info@communitydefibproject.org.au

Click on the following link to take a look at the work the Community Defib Project!


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