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Defibrillator Training Video

Rake cast feature in new Shock Verdict ad to promote CPR

Only 10% of people survive a cardiac arrest so…C’mon Australia, Let’s Save Lives! For more information visit: The three steps to help save a life: Call 000 – Start chest compressions – Use an AED This video aims to encourage untrained members of the public to participate in resuscitation in out of hospital cardiac arrest… Read More »

ZOLL AED Plus At a Glance Videos

ZOLL AED At a Glance Videos: How to turn it on and apply electrodes   Deliver a Shock – Fully Auto vs Semi Auto:   Performing CPR with CPR REAL Help:    Changing Pads and Batteries:   Follow this below link for more ZOLL AED Plus Training Videos:

ZOLL AED Plus Videos

ZOLL Australia AED Plus Training videos includes; Real CPR Help Demo AED Plus – Inside the Rescue Introducing the ZOLL AED Plus What’s In the Box Demonstration – How to switch on and apply electrodes Deliver a Shock – Auto VS Semi-Auto! Performing CPR with REAL CPR HELP!