Real CPR Help

ZOLL was the first to introduce technology to help improve CPR performance in 2002. ZOLL calls this technology Real CPR Help®. This gives rescuer the best real-time feedback to optimize the patient’s opportunity for a return to spontaneous circulation.

With ZOLL products, all rescuers will get the following feedback and prompting for help in providing effective manual CPR:

Compression Depth Indicator. Consistently achieve the depth of cardiac compression according to the ARC recommended depth of 4 to 5 cms.

Compression Rate Indicator. Easily achieve the compression rate of 100 CPM through a metronome beep that is easy to follow.

Lapse Time Indicator. Raises awareness of CPR interruptions by displaying the elapsed time from when the last compression was delivered.

CPR Index™. A ZOLL exclusive which combines the important functions of compression rate, depth and interruption times all into one visual indicator.

Audio/Message Prompting. Voice and message prompting helps the rescuer achieve optimal CPR compressions. Feedback such as “PUSH HARDER” helps accomplish quality compressions quickly, resulting in a reinforcing message, “GOOD COMPRESSIONS”. To minimize CPR idle time, “CONTINUE CPR” is another important feedback reminder.

Data Transmission. All our product lines have the capability to transmit CPR data, offering the ability for complete resuscitation review and playback.

Real CPR Help is accomplished with our quick and easy to apply ZOLL OneStep™ Electrode Pads, CPR d-padz® Electrode and CPR stat-padz® Electrode. There is no compromise to code readiness with cumbersome extra electrodes to manage and position on the patient before you get valuable real CPR data.

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Performing CPR with Real CPR Help