Our unique Defib HealthCheck™ is exclusive to your Defibshop.

The Defib HealthCheck™ is added to any defibrillator purchase and is a regular check-list sent to you to complete, assisting to make sure your defibrillator is always ready for use.

The Defib HealthCheck™ is a review of the condition and operation of your defibrillator. It prompts you to re-order consumables such as defibrillation pads and batteries as they are required too. It is a check that runs through the functions of your defibrillator and takes about 10 minutes to complete each time you undertake the check. Sent out regularly, it is a great tool and ensures you are always ready to respond with an operational defibrillator for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

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Alternately, email info@defibhealthcheck.com.au for assistance with registering.