A great success story of a young 65 year old man who suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest at the Crescent Head Malibu Classic last Friday (30/06/14). The defibrillator, retrieved from the nearby Crescent Head Holiday Park office, was used to successfully defibrillate (shock) the man, who is now recovering in hospital and should be discharged soon.

The DefibShop has provided many defibrillators to many holiday, caravan and camping parks. Many of our park customers are part of the FreeSpirit Holiday Parks & Resorts and also the NRMA Holiday Parks. Defibrillators in such locations just make them safer places to take your break at.

Check out your accommodation location next time – ask if they have a defibrillator and if not, pass on your DefibShop details!

To view The Macleay Argus article on the above save, click here.

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