One of many wonderful survival stories!

Take a look at this wonderful video put together by Take Heart Australia! Cassandra survived her Sudden Cardiac Arrest at the beach in 2012 thanks to the fantastic efforts of those around her…. “It is a great story about how really good solid effective chest compressions can save a life” said Carpet Hughes, Intensive Care Paramedic & Managing Director Defibshop. “In all of my clinical practice, I am not sure I have done a Cardiac Arrest without breaking ribs”. “Whilst it is not the intention of anyone to break ribs, it is certainly a by-product of undertaking excellent life saving chest compressions” Carpet said.  Take a look at Cassandra’s story here… 


Under the guidance of Professor Paul Middleton, Take Heart Australia has a single mission to dramatically increase the survival rate of Australians who suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. To support Professor Middleton and his team at Take Heart Australia with the great work and the mission they strive to achieve, you can donate to Take Heart Australia here at this link: Take Heart Australia

Do you have a story of a Sudden Cardiac arrest survivor? Contact the Defibshop on 1300 729 575 to share your story!!