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Note: You can nominate the all NEW ZOLL AED Plus Fully Automatic Defibrillator for your Schools Defib Offer

Defibshop is a proud supporter of our schools throughout Australia. We have been working for several years with many schools to make sure your defibrillator needs are met. We began working with schools through School Nurses letting us know what it was that schools needed. We discussed school needs, numbers, environments and emergency plans to come up with great solutions for each individual school.

Your school may recently have received a letter and some details in the post about our Schools Defib Offer. We have put together a comprehensive school package and look forward to working with many more schools to ensure your school is a “Heart Safe Community” Contact us to discuss the School Defib Offer, click here to contact your Defibshop, or call us on 1300 729 575 – Australia wide!

Take a look at our 10 Fund Raising Tips for Your School Defibrillator. You might like to let us know your ideas and suggestions too for fundraising for school defibrillators – or, if you’d like to list your school to let others know about your fundraising ventures, let us know and we’ll list you on our Fundraising Schools page! 

10 Fund Raising Tips for Your School Defibrillator

1. Decide you’d like your school to become a “Heart Safe Community.” Has someone had a Sudden Cardiac Arrest at your school? Would you like to be able to save a life at your school? If your answer is Yes, read on…

2. Start planning! Be clear about a fundraising goal to equip your school with a defibrillator (AED/PAD). Write down a few words outlining your goal.

3. Get a committee together to work on your goal and plans to achieve it. Plan a walkathon, chocolate sales, fete activity, face painting days or other fun activities! Maybe ask for a gold coin donation each month from staff and students until you reach your goal?

4. Be realistic about your goal and the plans you make. Your plans need to be achievable. Have a good mix of reliable members on your committee.

5. Maybe team up your fundraising efforts with another school or organisation. Remember, there’s power in number! Working with others will increase your fundraising capacity.

6. Let your local media know about your goal. It’s a great local story. Contact the newspaper, television and radio stations. Does your school have a Facebook page? Website? Newsletter?

7. Ask you local community and businesses for assistance. Schools are a proud part of all communities and local communities are keen to offer assistance. Maybe your school could run a sausage sizzle at a local store to raise some funds.

8. Ask your friends and family for ideas. Google Fundraising tips for schools in Australia. There is a wealth of fundraising information on the web.

9. Team up with the Defibshop. We have a fundraising link here where donations can be made to your school. Once you decide to have a fundraising event to get an AED / PAD, your Defibshop can assist you to plan and run your events. Just ask us!

10. You’ll get a $50 voucher to get you on your way! Let your Defibshop know of your fund raising plans for an AED, and we’ll give you a $50 voucher towards your goal. This means you can take $50 off the price of the schools offer advertised in the brochure you have received! (if you’d like a copy of the brochures, let us know and we’ll post one out to you). Plus, all schools get membership to our Defib HealthCheck™ for an extended period!

Lastly, not a tip! but a commitment from your Defibshop.

Your Defibshop Managing Director, Carpet Hughes is a qualified Intensive Care Paramedic who is also Resus4Kids qualified. During his more than twenty years of paramedic practice, he has responded to numerous Sudden Cardiac Arrests in the community and has met many of the survivors he has been called to and saved. He knows from hands-on experience that defibrillators DO save lives. Carpet is passionate about getting defibrillators into our communities. He, and your Defibshop staff will assist your school wherever possible to make your fundraising a success. If you’d like to discuss your ideas and thoughts, just call us on 1300 729 575 Australia wide, or click here to contact us.

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