The greatest benefit to having a defibrillator is that they DO save lives. Having a defibrillator at hand may increase the chance of survival from around 10% with only good effective CPR, up to possibly 60-80% with a defibrillator at hand for immediate use. Defibshop Managing Director Carpet Hughes, who is an Intensive Care Paramedic by profession, has a passion for getting defibrillators into our communities. Carpet knows from his ‘hands on’ experience that lives can be, and are saved every day with defibrillation.

Seconds count! The Chain of Survival is an important part of saving a life. For every minute there is a delay getting defibrillation to a patient in Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the chance of survival decreases. Defibrillators DO save lives, but they need to be handy and easily accessible when they are needed.

Whilst purchasing a defibrillator is a considerable cost, it is irrelevant when just one life is saved. The feeling you have when you have saved a life with a defibrillator cannot be beaten with any amount of money! Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) not only happens to the elderly, but it can happen to anyone of any age at any time. Take a look at some great stories of defibrillation success! (Link coming shortly) Be prepared – purchase a defibrillator now!

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