Only 10% of people survive a cardiac arrest so…C’mon Australia, Let’s Save Lives! For more information visit:

The three steps to help save a life: Call 000 – Start chest compressions – Use an AED

This video aims to encourage untrained members of the public to participate in resuscitation in out of hospital cardiac arrest in Australia. The contact number for emergency services in Australia is 000 and is not applicable in other countries.

For those untrained in CPR, remember that any attempt at resuscitation is better than no attempt when someone is suffering a cardiac arrest. Whether you’re trained or untrained, it’s essential to recognise a cardiac arrest, call 000, start compressions, and send for an AED. No matter whether you’re in the courtroom or at home, acting quickly is essential.

The cast of the ABC’s courtroom drama “Rake” are joined by cardiologist, Dr Paul MacIntyre, and cardiac arrest survivors in the jury to receive a Shock Verdict.

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To learn more about CPR, or to find a training course near you, visit the Australian Resuscitation Council at:

To learn more about heart health and cardiac arrest visit the Heart Foundation at: