Situated between the beautiful country locations of Orange and Cowra NSW, you’ll find the Balloon capital of Australia – the picturesque Canowindra NSW is nestled away on the Belubula River.

During our visit one night, we didn’t notice any balloons high above, but we were made to feel very welcome by a large group of locals at the Canowindra Bowling Club! The club was successful in its application for a grant under the NSW Office of Sport AED grant program, resulting in an AED being purchased and prominently placed on the wall within the club in case any members or community members is ever struck by a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Housed in a cabinet as part of the complete package purchased from the Defibshop, the unit is located at the end of the main bar and is ready to respond should there be any case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Approximately 35 locals turned out for the information session evening at the club to learn about Sudden Cardiac Arrest, how to recognise it and how to successfully manage and treat it. Everyone in attendance walked out feeling comfortable with the use of the AED and said they’d be very happy to use the unit now after the information session.

“Should there be a Sudden cardiac Arrest at the Canowindra Bowling Club now, the victims chance of survival how now soared from a low 6 or 7% chance of survival up to a whopping 60, 70 or even 80% chance of survival” said Carpet Hughes, Managing Director of the Defibshop. The Defibshop is an authorised supplier of AEDs / defibrillators under the NSW Office of Sport AED grant program. “It was a great crowd here this evening – they were all enthusiastic to learn more to assist in being prepared to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest should it occur” he said.

The Bowling Club has a great friendly atmosphere and is a great location to sit down for a chat and a cool drink. Also at the club is a Chinese restaurant for you to grab a meal if you are looking for some tucker!

If you have any questions, or your community sporting group would like to apply for a NSW Office of Sport AED grant, call us on 1300 729 575 or email us today at