Your Defibshop online store can assist you after using your defibrillator.

Have you used your defibrillator? If you have used your defibrillator defibrillation pads, you will need to replace them with a new set. Defibrillation pads are a ‘once only’ use consumable. You cannot reuse them on another patient. Like most medical equipment, the defibrillation pads are for single patient use.

To order a new set of defibrillation pads, click here.

After using your defibrillator, you may also need to instal new batteries. Check the model of defibrillator you have and the battery requirements. Your defib manufacturer should have recommendations about when to replace your battery(ies).

To order batteries, click here.

Log in here if you are registered to use the Defibshop Defib HealthCheck, to complete your test after using and restocking your defibrillator. This will assist to make sure your defibrillator is in good working order and ready to respond again should it be needed.

Alternately, you can call the Defibshop on 1300 729 575 to order your consumables.