How to change batteries for ZOLL AED Plus:

  • To remove the battery cover, insert a small tool (e.g., flat head screw driver or coin) into the two slots on the rear of the unit to depress the latches, then insert the tool into the groove on the bottom to lift the cover
  • Remove all batteries at once and dispose of batteries properly
  • Place new batteries in the battery bank making sure all batteries are securely seated
  • After placing the first 5 batteries – the audio prompts started
  • After installing all new batteries for about 10-15 seconds, the audio prompt ‘IF NEW BATTERIES PRESS BUTTON’ reminds you to press the small Blue Reset Button inside the battery compartment
  • Press and hold the button for at lease 3 seconds
  • The unit will display ‘Green Tick’ in the status indicator window on the front of the unit.

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