ZOLL PlusTrac1 Program Management – 1 year (8000-1110-05)


ZOLL PlusTrac1 Program Management – 1 year (8000-1110-05)

PlusTrac1, a 1-year Program Management for a single (1) AED, is an ALL-IN-ONE solution for AED Program Management


The purchase of PlusTrac™ includes:


  • Email Alerts and notifications
  • Routine maintenance and inspection


  • Dashboards Reports
  • Manufacturer updates
  • Training status of your responders
  • Inspect the AED status reporting app


  • Online Ticketing system


As the PlusTrac program management uses Wi-Fi to keep the AED connected to the App 24/7, the AED / Defibrillator battery life will unfortunately be lessened by approximately half. Batteries for the ZOLL units last up to 5 years from when the batteries were installed. Using the PlusTrac system will deplete the battery to half its shelf life as it is constantly connected to alerts with notifications. However, the program is a must-have for businesses or areas where multiple AEDs are hard to keep track of. This will simplify checking and being alerted if there is an issue with any AED connected to this program.


The AED is for visual purposes only and is not included.

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