The ZOLL AED Plus® Semi Automatic Trainer2 (8008-0050-05)




The ZOLL AED Plus® Semi Automatic Trainer2 (8008-0050-05)

The ZOLL AED Plus® Trainer2 allows CPR and first aid instructors to have students experience what it’s like to save a life with the AED Plus. Choose from four different fixed rescue scenarios or have complete manual control of the entire rescue. A wireless remote lets you control multiple AED Plus Trainer2s.



  • Trainer Wireless Remote (8008-0007)
  • CPR-D padz Training Electrodes (8900-0804-0)
  • Replacement Adhesive Gels (8900-0803-01 for CPR-D Training Electrodes)
  • Batteries (2 AA size and 4 D-Cell size)
  • Trainer 2 Operator’s Manual
  • 12 months factory warranty




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