A defibrillator / AED is needed whenever Sudden Cardiac Arrest occurs. It is unlikely a defib will immediately be available during all cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The key is to minimise the time it takes to get access to a defib. In Australia, if you dial triple zero ‘000’ an ambulance will arrive equipped with a defibrillator. It is well known the longer it takes to be defibrillated (shocked) when a shockable rhythm is present (about 50% of out-of-hospital arrests), the less likely you are to survive. This is why you should have a defibrillator at hand – contact your Defibshop now to discuss your defibrillator needs.

Some locations where a defib could be located include, but not be limited to:

  • at home
  • work
  • clubs
  • pubs
  • pools (public & private)
  • schools
  • sporting fixtures
  • shopping centres
  • community meeting places
  • community events
  • libraries
  • hotels
  • motels
  • universities
  • halls
  • caravans
  • mobile homes
  • boats
  • yachts
  • properties
  • cars
  • cafe
  • restaurants
  • gyms
  • churches
  • department stores
  • function centres
  • planes
  • other locations where access to a defib may be delayed such as remote locations and communities.


The reality is, if you are the victim, you would like someone to call triple zero ‘000’, start CPR, and apply a defib whilst the ambulance is coming.

Has your organisation considered the liability of not having a defibrillator? Does your organisation have members of the public attending for any events? Does your organisation hire out any facilities, or hold public functions on its premises? Then not having a defibrillator handy may render you liable!

Does a family member have a cardiac history? Are you and your partner (husband, wife, family member or friend) travelling around the country where access to a defibrillator and an ambulance service might be delayed? Then you may be in an ideal position to purchase a defibrillator.

Call your Defibshop staff today to discuss your needs. Australia wide 1300 729 575, or click here to drop us a message.

Think you don’t need a defibrillator just yet? Are you too young, all healthy and active? Then you could use a defibrillator! Heard someone say “I’m not old enough to need a defib yet”? Then take a look at Walters story below!

You simply never know where and when you might need a defibrillator!


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