Pantridge first defibrillator1966Defibrillators and the treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest have come a long way in recent years! From great big bulky devices that were on trolleys in hospitals and only used by authorised doctors, to now being located in many public places wherever people are likely to be. They are designed for the public who may not even have any training to apply and use them when required.

Public Access Defibrillators (PAD’s) or Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) are very compact today and are easy to locate and store just about anywhere. Lightweight and very user friendly means it is not difficult for anyone to locate and use a defibrillator anywhere at anytime. All PAD’s / AED’s today talk you through the Sudden Cardiac Arrest – prompting you to do the next step and monitoring your progress. You cannot go wrong with modern day units.

With modern technology and the investment in R&D for defibrillators, it won’t be too long before your defibrillator will be something you carry in your pocket. No doubt they will soon be the size of your mobile phone device! Your Defibshop is constantly reviewing new models coming onto the market and will make new devices available as they are released. Keep an eye on our website for details!

The defibrillator pictured is a Pantridge model from 1966!

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