Do you have a story to tell? Your Defibshop is always keen to hear about any great saves you may have to tell others. Whilst we don’t like to think about using a defibrillator – because it means someone has suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), the great news can be that someone has actually been saved!

Your Defibshop has placed defibrillators in many locations, including schools, clubs, business premises, sporting venues, on yachts, private homes and properties. We have had a save at an RSL club on Sydney’s Northshore, and recently a save at a primary school in Bathurst NSW. We’d like to hear your story if you have saved a life. To share your story, send us your details – click here.

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Take a look at some great saves below:

UK Golfer Bernard Gallacher – survives sudden cardiac arrest at motel function – September 2013

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