Business Partners

Defibshop is proud to partner with the following companies who are leaders in their field of business. Success is dependent on many factors, including partnering with other successful businesses who know their products, who strive to meet and nurture their customer needs and wants, and who are simply experts in their field! We choose those we partner with carefully, and we believe those we partner with are of the highest integrity, delivering the best possible service, expertise and knowledge throughout Australia.

Click on the links below to discuss with our business partners how they can best assist you in their field of expertise (and let them know your are a customer of the Defibshop!!).



If you’d like to discuss partnering with the Defibshop, call our team on 1300 729 575.


Premium Health is Australia’s premium first aid and health provider for over 30 years! With innovative training techniques delivered by experienced nurses and paramedics, Premium Health are empowering more than 50,000 Australians a year with the skills to save lives!

“When I arrive at the scene of an incident, you can always tell those offering first aid who have been trained by professionals, not simply taught from a first aid manual” says Carpet Hughes, Intensive Care Paramedic & Defibshop Managing Director. “You simply cannot compromise on high quality training by qualified and professional educators, and that is exactly what our business partner Premium Health offers” says Carpet.

Every Premium Health course is:

  • Lead by an experienced nurse or paramedic
  • Designed with retention and recall in mind
  • Contextualised to your industry
  • Nationally accredited

As a customer of the Defibshop, you’ve not compromised on great service and the purchase of a quality defibrillator, and nor should you compromise on the quality of first aid training for your corporate staff, community volunteers, sporting club members or friends & family.

Call Premium Health today on 1300 721 292 to discuss how they can assist. Or alternately, visit their website at


Defibshop is proud to be partnered with Flexi Commercial to assist you with equipping your workplace, organisation or club with the AEDs you require. Flexi Commercial offers a tax effective* and cash-flow efficient way to access the latest AED technology and equipment. Leases are available for small and medium-sized businesses with simple monthly payments and minimal red tape, enabling you to get the equipment you need today to grow. In partnership with the Defibshop, their quick over the phone application process simplifies the sales process for our partners. Call our office today and one of our Defibshop Team members can assist you with getting the experience underway, and your AED(s) can be on the way to you as quick as the same day!

Call 1300 729 575 or email us at to discuss we can assist you with getting a life saving AED for less than $17 per week – delivered within days!


Defibshop is proud to be partnered with Westfund Health Insurance with the Here for Hearts community defibrillator program. Here for Hearts began in 2015 and has seen well over one hundred defibrillators placed into rural & regional areas throughout NSW & QLD that Westfund Health Insurance services through a large membership base.

Westfund Health Insurance understand the health needs of people in regional Australia because they grew up there and they’re on your side. They are different because they live there. Their building blocks as an early not-for-profit health fund for miners are still deeply rooted in today’s Westfund – they exist for the health and strength of local communities.

They’re always looking to fill the gaps in local healthcare and continue to provide ongoing regional investment and support, particularly in regional NSW and Queensland. Westfund has invested millions of dollars in these areas to deliver much needed services to its members. Here for Hearts is an example of their investment into such communities.

“The Here for Hearts community defibrillator program initiative simply would not exist without the partnership of two strong, community focused and committed organisations such as Westfund Health Insurance and the Defibshop acknowledges Carpet Hughes, Intensive Care Paramedic and Defibshop Managing Director.

For assistance with health insurance, call Westfund Health Insurance on 1300 748 984 or send an email to

To apply for a Here for Hearts community defibrillator package grant, go to