Recently we were made aware one of our customers lost everything in the bush fires that swept through Kangaroo Island. The business was an integral part of the Island and from recent correspondence with our customer, we are sure they will rebuild and prosper from what has been a terrible tragedy.

The Defibshop has pledged to send a defibrillator to our customer as the rebuild takes place. We understand insurances and other processes along with bureaucratic red tape takes time, often many months or years before all of these matters are finalised. The Defibshop has pledged the loan unit to our customer until their new premises is built and a home for a new defibrillator unit is found.

All of our customers will recall when purchasing from the Defibshop, we always pledge our integrity, service and commitment to each and every customer for the lifetime of the unit. We partner with you to make sure your defibrillator is always ready to respond to any Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We don’t just simply sell defibs, but we partner with you for life to make sure your defibrillator program is a great success.

If any of our customers have lost or had their defibrillator damaged in the fires that have swept across many parts of Australia, please call the team at the Defibshop on 1300 729 575 to discuss how we can assist you during the recovery period. As with the above case for our customer, we pledge to assist and support you during these difficult times.

Carpet Hughes

Carpet Hughes GAICD

Managing Director

Registered Intensive Care Paramedic

Carpet Hughes is an Intensive Care Paramedic* with over twenty eight years of paramedicine experience, including responding to many Sudden Cardiac Arrest patients. Having patients responding to defibrillation and sitting up talking by the time they were transported to hospital is where the passion and drive for the Defibshopcomes from! Currently, Carpet fulfils the roles Chairman of the Ambulance Provident Fund and a director of Paramedics Australasia (NSW Branch). Carpet has previously held the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Australian and New Zealand College of Paramedicine, and Secretary of the Australian Resuscitation Council NSW (ARC NSW) Branch.

*The term Paramedic is now a protected title and a registered profession under APRHA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). Any claim to be a paramedic by an unregistered person is a criminal offence punishable under Cth law.