DRSABCD FREE Fridge Magnet!

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DRSABCD FREE Fridge Magnet!

FREE for you! Add this to your cart and place it on your fridge or other metal surface. Maybe somewhere around the home, at your work location, school or sporting club!

Quick question… what do the letters in DRSABCD stand for?

D = DANGER – check for any DANGER!

R = RESPONSE – check if any RESPONSE from the patient

S = SEND FOR HELP – Call ‘000’ & ask for ‘ambulance’

A = AIRWAY – is the patients AIRWAY clear?

B = BREATHING – is the patient BREATHING?

C = COMPRESSIONS – if the airway is clear and the patient is NOT BREATHING, start really good chest COMPRESSIONS immediately.

D = DEFIBRILLATION – get the closest defibrillator (also known as an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)) available and apply the pads to the patients bare chest – and follow commands from the defibrillator.