Outdoor AED Cabinet – Code & Key Lockable w/- Alarm – Defibshop


Name Outdoor AED Cabinet (Defibshop)
Height 58cm
Width 44cm
Depth 27cm (36cm includes code lock and handle)
Weight 11.4kg
Made from Powder coated Galvanized Steel
Colour White w/- Green Writing

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Outdoor AED Cabinet (Defibshop)

Code / Key Lockable with Alarm

Wall or Stand mounted defibrillator (AED) cabinet that can be installed to secure your defibrillator (both outdoors or in the home/workplace/community)
Product information:
  • Compatible with most AED models, including all models sold by the Defibshop.
  • The cabinet is white with Green text and graphics
  • Battery powered audio alarm activates when the door is opened and stops once door is closed.
  • The cabinet is made from Powder coated Galvanized Steel with rounded corners for OH&S compliance.
  • A Plexiglass front window allows you to view all AED unit status indicators without opening the cabinet.


Code Lock:

4 digits and comes with instructions on how to set up code.

Key Access:

Cabinet comes with 2 keys that can also be used to access the cabinet.


Loud alarm that is activated when door is opened. Deactivates once door is closed.

Alarm can also be switched to ‘off’ position, however, we recommend leaving in the ‘on’ position.


(W) 37cm x (H) 49cm x (D) 27cm (36cm which includes door handle & code lock at front of cabinet)


11.4kg (without AED)


Can be Wall or Stand Mounted (Stands sold separately for $390.00 or as a package with the Cabinet $695.00)

View Stand Separately here

View Cabinet and Stand $695.00 Package here 


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Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 44 × 36 × 58 cm